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MSU Innovation Center Presents: Kopess

The MSU Innovation Center combines innovation, technology transfer, start-up support, and a portfolio of dedicated business and community partnerships to bring cutting-edge ideas to the marketplace. Composed of MSU Technologies, Business-CONNECT and Spartan Innovations, the MSU Innovation Center stewards ideas from concept to product, launching more than 160 discoveries into patented products and start-up businesses annually.

Kyung-Hwan Han   Professor, Michigan State University

Kyung-Hwan Han

Professor, Michigan State University

Special Content Session - University Showcase

Project: XERICO Drought Tolerance Technology

KOPESS discovers novel genetic traits within plants and places promising traits within modern varieties of several agricultural crops. We then test these trait-enhanced varieties against normal varieties to determine if the trait has any agricultural benefit. KOPESS then licenses the use of these beneficial traits to seed breeding companies.